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Our Investment: $200
Minimal Spend: $1
Referral: 3 Levels: 5% - 5% - 5%
Online: 2020-11-28 (35 D)
Monitored: 35 Days
Last Paid: 263 days ago
140%Payout: 140%
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Investment Plans: 3% Daily For 100 Days , 5% Daily For 60 Days , 10% Daily For 30 Days ,30% Daily For 10 Days

BitcoinZie Program Description

BitcoinZie ABOUT US

BitcoinZie is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading companies in the world. Cutting edge technology and global trading experience can give you the best activity. Thus BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd came with new trading forms. BitcoinZie is registered in London, United Kingdom. So you can easily trust BitcoinZie and invest in it without any hassle. The best part of this unique cryptocurrency trading company is you can get an equal share from its trade. So the investment in BitcoinZie is always profitable for all the customers or investors of this platform.

There are so many investors in the world who are interested in cryptocurrency trading. But on the risk and management side, they are not much capable of making a trade on cryptocurrency. So do you stop your investment for cryptocurrency trading or try it once? Our opinion is you can do both. You can invest your money without the hassle of trading globally. Yes, BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd gives you the best investment and participation in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Just invest your asset and get your profit other members received. You don't have to do any trading course or management.

Now the question is why you should choose BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd? Here is your answer:

Secure policies - BitcoinZie is a global company that plays the top secured technology. All the systems and processes are reliable and effective. So you don't have to worry about your investment. Our trading plays with a solid and top secured process. We have safe and secure two-factor authentication for the trading module and investment funds. So no hassle or scam transaction. We always confirm multi-layer security protection for our customers and their transactions. Security is the first priority that makes us trustworthy.

Strong Trading Engine & Management - We have the best-designed trading engine that can execute the best result in realtime. Our trading algorithm is maintained and processed by top trading analysts and experts. So we can assure the top and extensive return from our trading.

Fast Securities and Transactions - We have the top monitoring experts for checking every transaction. They can provide fast transactions during the trade and online process. Updating balance, trading info, fastest approval all are included in it. Thus we are the best trading authority in this cryptocurrency platform.

Inspiring Innovation - BitcoinZie wants to make a big innovation in the world of the blockchain industry. We support both the established and new blockchains. Our way of trading supports all token base and digital point trades systems. We can process all the complete trading processes that can make the best output with profit.

Dedication to the Agreement- BitcoinZie is a super promised company that offers you the best cryptocurrency trading. We operate the top technology and trading features to get the best result. Our rules and policies for our customers prevent all the scam and false behavior related to our business. We are trying to make the best regularly with the help of your development team. BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd. is the name of commitment to compliance. You can trust us, make an investment with us, create a bond with us. Business is ours, Profit is yours.

BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd

Company Number : 12971987

9 Percy Circus, London, England, WC1X 9ES

Coming Soon



Registered Company - We are exploring our company from the London United Kingdom which is a global point of blockchain business. It is a developed location where people can drive adoption in the blockchain industry. We are a registered cryptocurrency trading company leading the best trading options. And we are trying to establish this trading experience for all other interested people in the world. Thus we are more responsive to your valued customer and investors. Make a deal with BitcoinZie-the leading trading company in the blockchain development world.

Global Customers Satisfaction - BitcoinZie is an international cryptocurrency trading company. Operating cryptocurrency trading business BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd creates a new basement. That is customer satisfaction in cryptocurrency trading online. We accept all global customers from any place in any region. Our strong offer is a profit-sharing option that is valid for all our valued customers especially invest in BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd. So invest in BitcoinZie Smart Investment Contract Ltd and get equal profit as other members get. No hassle, no worries, Only risk-free investment with 100% secured and confirmed profit. Contact us for any queries or suggestions. BitcoinZies customer care unit is always online 24/7 for your help.


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πŸ”₯ Bright Right Investments $128861
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The amount of 1.2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U29965540->U1. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from ship-alliance.com.. Date: 21:44 19.09.21. Batch: 4203009.
MoneyDoge 2021-09-20
16. 00000000 Doge confirms that it has been saved to your coinpayments wallet. Transfer to account number d12f882872263c464c022396177728d9503822cf9a79fe1edec00559b8b3a***
CrowdHash.net 2021-09-20
Withdrawal has been processed. Batch id: 5db01c542ce6b6eb01635e7c6d4c40b4e4ac3a6cae5c... https://uranus-mining.com/?a=withdraw&say=processed&batch=420316922
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Withdraw to account Batch is 2c7472f45ddfa1236d08d2f84e6858fd04981798e89ba9ca1d0f6f12e
Cryptonex 2021-09-19
pending pending
Wego Trade 2021-09-19
successfully paid!
Wego Trade 2021-09-19
The amount of 1.8 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U31470443->U1557470. Memo: API Payment. wego-trade.io.. Date: 22:45 19.09.21. Batch: 420308495. https://uranus-mining.com/?a=withdraw&say=processed&batch=420308389
Infinity Bet 2021-09-19
The amount of 22.09 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U31452314->U1557470. Memo: API Payment. InfinityBet Withdraw 4VXCXV8OWVRX - jereajali.. Date: 13:04 19.09.21. Batch: 420211568.
Cryptonex 2021-09-19
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Lutex Ltd. 2021-09-19
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Funds have been transferred to your account. Operation ID: 999223071856 Operation Date: 19.09.2021 22:57 Status: Completed Sender's account: ePayCore U533379822194 Amount: 33.33 USD Note: Withdraw to XtraProfit from BLACKCRYPTOMINING
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Operation ID: 522874889054 Operation Date: 19.09.2021 21:41 Status: Completed Sender's account: ePayCore U472257302591 Amount: 6.76 USD Note: Withdraw to burroloco from HourStrong.com
AXXIMUM 2021-09-19
The amount of 102 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U30767096->U. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw from axximum.cc.. Date: 01:58 19.09.21. Batch: 4458
Proxima 8 2021-09-19
The amount of 10 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U31156470->U14471823. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal form Proxima8.holdings to XtraProfit.. Date: 18:27 19.09.21. Batch: 420271482.

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10% daily 15 Business days, 12% daily for 12 Business Days, 15% daily for 10 Business Days 2.22% - 4.44% Every day for 100 Days -- There is 10% withdraw fees !!!
1% - 1.5% - 2% daily for 30 Days (Principal Return)
5.7% daily for 25 Business days (Principal Included) -- total return 142% 5% - 7% - 9% daily for 30 Days(Accruals on Business Days ONLY) -- 10% withdrawal fees for all crypto (No fee for PM) 4.23% - 4.30% - 4.50% hourly for 24 Hours (Deposit included) 5% daily for 10 Days ; 7.5% daily for 15 Days ; 10% daily for 20 Days (Principal return) 4% Daily for 30 Days, 5% Daily for 40 Days (Release Deposit Available with 25.00% fee after 1 days or 15.00% fee after 14 days)
15% daily for 14 Days, 12% daily for 12 Days, 10.5% daily for 10 Days | 617% after 15 Days
1.8% - 2% - 2.2% daily Forever (principal available after 11 days without fee) 101% After 1 Day, 3% Daily Forever, 17% Weekly for 12 Weeks, 0.02% - 0.4% Hourly For 25 Days - 75 Days
3.639% daily for 6 Months (Principal is included) 2% daily for 15 Days; 3% daily for 35 Days (Principal Return) ; 150% after 20 Days; 750% after 90 Days; 3100% after 210 Days 6% - 55% Daily For 20 Days, 250% - 4000% After 20 Days 7.1% daily for 22 Days ; 3.3% daily for 45 Days (Principal Included) | 1477% after 55 Days 10% - 15% - 20% - 25% daily for 7 days ( Deposit return )
0.1% hourly Forever ( Early closure after 10 Days --- You need to write to the admin) FlexBet – Daily Interest from 0.5% up to 1.2%. Maximum Earnings - 200%. (principal included)| FixBet – Daily Interest of 0.8%. Maximum Earnings - 200%. (principal included) | VIP Bet – Daily Interest of 0.8%. Maximum Earnings - 220%. (principal included) 1% Daily for 60 Days ; 1.2% Daily for 60 Days (Principal Return)|110% After 10 Days| 200% After 30 Days | 250% After 20 Days | 0.05% Hourly for 168 Hours (Principal Return)

Latest Payout

Zeppelin Cars Limited $35
Alpha Invest Group $137
BitcoBid Limited $35
Ship Allianc Ltd $16.96
HourBolt $37.18
Uncharted Wealth $0.86
Zion Finance Ltd $1.3
Miners.Capital $9
MoneyDoge $35.63
CrowdHash.net $52.23
Arbill $7
Meatex.io $91.62
Infinity Bet $21
Yacht-Company $78
BIT PLAM LTD $114.95

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Bitmoon LTD
Hodlr Finance LLC
Exfo Ltd
Coinice Investment Limited
Venus-Mining LTD

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InfinityProfits News !! 2021-08-18 10:00:37
Good evening dear members today we have completed our company registration in UK: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13568026 we are licensed, we also added a new representatives page: https://infinityprofits.life/?a=representatives to represent us in your country and promote us more effectively, you will have the benefit of earning 1% more on the 1st level that will be 3% with + 10 active referrals We will make some adjustments in the next days to the design of our template and pages to make everything well presentable and complete In these last days we also noticed for the 3 time many accounts were blocked only those that had active deposits by hackers' attempts to enter the accounts and steal money but so far has been achieved because we have set up many security barriers such as: 1: After 5 wrong entry attempts on any account, the system automatically blocks and sends a blocked account reactivation email that you can do it manually on the link you receive 2: Even when entering the accounts, it is not allowed to change the email or the ids of the wallets without confirming the link sent to the email 3: It is necessary to know the withdrawal pin code to be able to withdraw funds 4: In the script and on the server we have a 20 strong character pin that only the admin know about 5: You can also enable Two Factor Authentication security option in the dashboard to make your account more secure Any problem or question you can send to admin@infinityprofits.life, contact me directly on the live chat or on the telegram: https://t.me/john_smith7 INFINITY PROFITS CRYPTO LIMITED Company number 13568026 65-67 Ducie Street, Manchester, England, M1 2JQ InfinityProfits.life/Discover a better life for yourself! Dear Tradexp Investors, This message is to inform you that we have added the epaycore.com payment option to our services, Interested investors can now make deposits and withdrawals using this medium. The minimum deposit is 50$ why Minimum withdrawal is 10$ this also goes for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin only Perfect Money(PM) has a minimum deposit amount of 1$ Best Regards, Tradexp Support Team

Top Investors This Month

πŸ”₯niriman561 $26896
πŸ₯‡wilfred203 $26338
πŸ₯ˆkarelking $25470
πŸ₯ˆnguyenthanhphong $24199
πŸ₯ˆjereajali $21161
πŸ₯ˆansfre $20001
πŸ₯‰paulinho $17582
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $16809
πŸ₯‰abccrypto $14000
πŸ₯‰quella $13327
πŸ₯‰jekich $13200
πŸ₯‰wythe $13051
πŸ₯‰khaphuc2009 $12682
πŸ₯‰porsche $11401
πŸ₯‰polous007 $9406
πŸ₯‰losive $9290
πŸ₯‰samysam $9171
πŸ₯‰philip $9030
πŸ₯‰cagatay1999 $9000
πŸ₯‰bapbap2 $8798

Top Investors Last Month

πŸ”₯karelking $52026
πŸ₯‡losive $38739
πŸ₯ˆansfre $25890
πŸ₯ˆniriman561 $24184
πŸ₯ˆpaulinho $22052
πŸ₯ˆpolous007 $16388
πŸ₯‰komissar $15949
πŸ₯‰72anton $15006
πŸ₯‰wythe $14846
πŸ₯‰abwaqi $14735
πŸ₯‰jereajali $14205
πŸ₯‰jekich $13500
πŸ₯‰preagony $13281
πŸ₯‰epoint $12994
πŸ₯‰wilfred203 $12670
πŸ₯‰vasilii $12036
πŸ₯‰ivan23 $10436
πŸ₯‰freedomdaide $9883
πŸ₯‰xonnyhrj $9466
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $9050

Top Investors last Week

πŸ”₯nguyenthanhphong $12443
πŸ₯‡wilfred203 $11885
πŸ₯ˆniriman561 $11760
πŸ₯ˆkarelking $10689
πŸ₯ˆjereajali $9187
πŸ₯ˆcagatay1999 $9000
πŸ₯‰rossi $8277
πŸ₯‰ansfre $7761
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $6800
πŸ₯‰quella $6614
πŸ₯‰abccrypto $6000
πŸ₯‰khaphuc2009 $5394
πŸ₯‰bapbap2 $5310
πŸ₯‰porsche $5176
πŸ₯‰satan911 $5054
πŸ₯‰dick911 $5037
πŸ₯‰gagnepain $5000
πŸ₯‰levo143 $4390
πŸ₯‰ykkmj2004 $4177
πŸ₯‰wythe $3763

Top Investors This Month

πŸ”₯niriman561 $26896
πŸ₯‡karelking $25470
πŸ₯ˆwilfred203 $24380
πŸ₯ˆnguyenthanhphong $24199
πŸ₯ˆjereajali $21161
πŸ₯ˆansfre $20001
πŸ₯‰paulinho $17582
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $16809
πŸ₯‰abccrypto $14000
πŸ₯‰quella $13327
πŸ₯‰jekich $13200
πŸ₯‰wythe $13051
πŸ₯‰khaphuc2009 $12682
πŸ₯‰porsche $11401
πŸ₯‰polous007 $9406
πŸ₯‰losive $9290
πŸ₯‰samysam $9171
πŸ₯‰philip $9030
πŸ₯‰cagatay1999 $9000
πŸ₯‰bapbap2 $8798
πŸ₯‰rossi $8277
πŸ₯‰komissar $8125
πŸ₯‰shams3350 $7290
πŸ₯‰robka $7245
πŸ₯‰levo143 $6950
πŸ₯‰preagony $6672
πŸ₯‰anevskiy $6179
πŸ₯‰xitmen $6000
πŸ₯‰ivan23 $5981
πŸ₯‰ttarrass $5911
πŸ₯‰kizzjah $5400
πŸ₯‰alexcandr $5359
πŸ₯‰freedomdaide $5100
πŸ₯‰satan911 $5054
πŸ₯‰dick911 $5037
πŸ₯‰xmel $5000
πŸ₯‰gagnepain $5000
πŸ₯‰ykkmj2004 $4777
πŸ₯‰bzwx $4730
πŸ₯‰gamer $4710
πŸ₯‰kawser731 $4710
πŸ₯‰werwolf $4624
πŸ₯‰iren $4500
πŸ₯‰72anton $4432
πŸ₯‰tukki $4416
πŸ₯‰grek8310 $4403
πŸ₯‰atom $4400
πŸ₯‰ufldbusiness $4123
πŸ₯‰madman $4007
πŸ₯‰pijanica $3900

Top Investors This Quarter

πŸ”₯paulinho $172099
πŸ₯‡losive $155674
πŸ₯ˆmayvis $150314
πŸ₯ˆwythe $140593
πŸ₯ˆhyip777 $136069
πŸ₯ˆkarelking $112245
πŸ₯‰leiming1983 $76013
πŸ₯‰hac999 $73807
πŸ₯‰tepmoshop $72563
πŸ₯‰komissar $65513
πŸ₯‰niriman561 $62341
πŸ₯‰jekich $61570
πŸ₯‰summer $57697
πŸ₯‰jereajali $56346
πŸ₯‰ansfre $54493
πŸ₯‰polous007 $54376
πŸ₯‰anevskiy $53166
πŸ₯‰porsche $51412
πŸ₯‰sou $51248
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $49165
πŸ₯‰qingshuizhuyu $47811
πŸ₯‰daewoohh $47794
πŸ₯‰grek8310 $45058
πŸ₯‰freedomdaide $44025
πŸ₯‰cheng2005 $42864
πŸ₯‰wilfred203 $42823
πŸ₯‰quella $36112
πŸ₯‰bzwx $35796
πŸ₯‰72anton $35519
πŸ₯‰ssava $35202
πŸ₯‰ttarrass $33542
πŸ₯‰abwaqi $30843
πŸ₯‰weohun $29908
πŸ₯‰gamer $28595
πŸ₯‰khaphuc2009 $26940
πŸ₯‰one $26844
πŸ₯‰xmel $26252
πŸ₯‰humanhyip $25536
πŸ₯‰aldrintan $25038
πŸ₯‰vasilii $24627
πŸ₯‰robka $24617
πŸ₯‰hanguyen310 $24342
πŸ₯‰kacemtrans $24146
πŸ₯‰ivan23 $23684
πŸ₯‰preagony $23632
πŸ₯‰epoint $23247
πŸ₯‰nguyenthanhphong $23238
πŸ₯‰werwolf $23196
πŸ₯‰obama $22614
πŸ₯‰dominika $22452

Top Investors This Year

πŸ”₯ansfre $264758
πŸ₯‡mayvis $191233
πŸ₯ˆpolous007 $177327
πŸ₯ˆlosive $173745
πŸ₯ˆxmel $172205
πŸ₯ˆpaulinho $157759
πŸ₯‰porsche $148657
πŸ₯‰rucker $148026
πŸ₯‰sou $146219
πŸ₯‰adaro25 $140266
πŸ₯‰komissar $123755
πŸ₯‰karelking $115721
πŸ₯‰01igarx $106930
πŸ₯‰anton72 $102777
πŸ₯‰kissmek $101780
πŸ₯‰kenken $101620
πŸ₯‰jekich $97554
πŸ₯‰daewoohh $90965
πŸ₯‰72anton $90243
πŸ₯‰lina386 $85257
πŸ₯‰olexar $80523
πŸ₯‰hac999 $76115
πŸ₯‰kuzya $70349
πŸ₯‰niriman561 $62861
πŸ₯‰bzwx $60801
πŸ₯‰qingshuizhuyu $59333
πŸ₯‰heatstreak $57649
πŸ₯‰jereajali $56346
πŸ₯‰abwaqi $53735
πŸ₯‰anevskiy $53215
πŸ₯‰gamer $52544
πŸ₯‰wythe $50099
πŸ₯‰cheng2005 $49789
πŸ₯‰ssava $47282
πŸ₯‰wilfred203 $46626
πŸ₯‰sspeed $45216
πŸ₯‰abccrypto $44852
πŸ₯‰freedomdaide $40592
πŸ₯‰muntian $39816
πŸ₯‰quella $36112
πŸ₯‰ttarrass $32956
πŸ₯‰robka $31357
πŸ₯‰tukki $30640
πŸ₯‰weohun $29793
πŸ₯‰existens $29624
πŸ₯‰epoint $29197
πŸ₯‰khaphuc2009 $28925
πŸ₯‰werwolf $28714
πŸ₯‰shams3350 $28271
πŸ₯‰hanguyen310 $27438

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We are not responsible for solving the problem if the project doesn't pay !!

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