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Our Investment: $240
Minimal Spend: $15
Referral: 6.67%-66.67%
Payout Statics
Online: 2012-07-10 (2265 D)
Monitored: 2263 Days
Last Paid: 22 hours ago
261%Payout: 261%
Our Rating:
Info: | ahm | ahr | am | ISP |
RCB Details
PerfectMoney BitCoin AdvCash Payeer DDOSProtect SSL
Investment Plans: 3x10 Forced matrix - 6.67%

WorldMap.Name Program Description

* Admin HYIPs-Analysis is admin of the this program
* Newly lunch
* One-Time Entry Cost $15
* No monthly fees
* Infinite operating time
* The database of the users is independently and can not be stolen
* 3x10 Forced matrix
* Receive $1 for referral (up to the tenth level)
* Also randomizer - 1-5 payments $1 to randomly selected users at each new purchasing
* Only PerfectMoney accepted

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Warning to All Of Our Visitors !!

For Your Attention, all hyips involves with high risks, investment should be cautious.

You should check what others comment on the programs, is it real paying , does the project pay all investors or only pay small investors & monitors. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are up to you.

We are not responsible for solving the problem if the site doesn't pay!

You've been warned about the hazards !!

Thank you

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2% daily for 151 days, 3% daily for 101 days, 5% daily for 61 days, 11% daily for 31 days,400% after 40 days 101.5% after 1 day | 2.1% daily for 20 days (Principal Back)
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1.8% daily for 8 days (Principal Return) ; 6% daily for 20 days, 120% after 10 days 102% after 1 day, 116% after 7 days, 9% daily for 15 days, 6% daily for 30 days 110% - 150% within 1 Day (4.6% - 6.2% Hourly for 24 Hours ) 1.1% daily for 7 days, 1.5% daily for 15 days,2% daily for 30 days (Principal Back) | 3% daily for 60 days 7% daily for 20 Business days, 110% after 10 Calendar days 10% - 11% - 12% fro 15 business days
103% - 130% after 1 day, 110% - 200% after 3 days,125% - 275% after 5 days,150% - 370% after 7 days, 200% - 700% after 15 days 104% - 110% after 1 day, 115% - 190% after 3 days, 135% - 285% after 7 days, 325% - 900% after 20 days 3.5% daily for 60 days, 5% daily for 40 days, 6% daily for 30 days 5.5% daily for 28 days, 112% after 10 days 0.25% - 0.29% - 0.33% - 0.375% Hourly For Life Time 0.65% - 3.0% Daily for 15 - 365 Days (Principal Return)
3% - 4% - 5% - 6% daily Forever 1% per day for 20 Days (Principal Back) 5.6% daily for 31 days, 7.7% daily for 32 days, 9.8% daily for 33 days, 14.9% daily for 34 days, 30% daily for 30 days 1.5% daily for 7 days, 102% - 140% after 1 day, 125% - 350% after 5 days,170% - 670% after 10 days 6% - 8% - 10% Daily Forever! 103% after 1 day, 115% after 3 days, 123% after 5 ays, 135% after 7 days 101.2% - 102% after 1 day , 110% after 1 Week 3% daily for Lifetime, 104% - 135% after 1 day,136% - 400% after 6 days, 180% - 640% after 9 days
150% after 3 days,240% after 8 days,300% after 13 days, 7.1% daily for 21 days,4.3% daily for 45 days 1.2% - 1.25% hourly for 86 hours, 2.0% - 2.5% hourly for 60 hours 0.8% Daily For 3 Days (Principal Back)

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Cryptolux News !! 2018-08-30 14:13:59
Dear investors, the turnover of our company was more than $ 10,000 per day, our company is developing and pleases you with new improvements and payments, you can also leave feedback and suggestions on the site so that we develop for you. With respect Cryptolux team. Dear member, Very important day for Skydrone : after almost 3 months online, our website is waking up ! Come and enjoy a lot of improvements: - Our website has a better look - Two new powerful investment plans: SKY and HORIZON. The first one gives you 112% within 8 days and the second one gives 135% within 18 days. More details and a calculator this way: - Additional payment methods: the main altcoins are available from now on (Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and Monero) - Much more attractive referral program: you can benefit from commissions on plan purchases and earnings as well as a career plan that rewards you as you build your team. - Complete list of all investment plans you purchased (active and/or expired plans): "My Tokens" tab shows up older plans from sleeper Skydrone version as well (Walmart, Amazon, Fedex plans). IMPORTANT: the active sleeper plans you purchased before the waking up will be paid until their expiration. - The icing on the cake is our Bounty system that makes you money thanks to high-quality promotion of our concept. Here is the link to discover Bounty: We would like to thank each and every one of you for taking part in our company. You have enabled us to grow Skydrone throughout these 89 days and to wake it up eventually. The greatest things are starting from now on. Stay tuned!
Atomtech Solutions Ltd News ! 2018-08-06 04:21:14
More than 2 000 users have already joined Atom Tech Solutions LTD. Investment platform by Atom Tech Solutions LTD has been running more than 14 days and during this time achieved great results thanks to users’ support! The first successful deployment of the company's main development - the monitoring system at nuclear power plant - has been carried out and is now testing the system before fully commissioning it. During this period, an impressive amount of $ 320,000 was collected and more than $124,000 of profit was paid to the investors. Unique company development has already been supported by more than 2,000 people who create the future together with Atom Tech Solutions LTD. Subscribe to Telegram to be the first to find out about our further achievements and market news! " Thank you in advance for fruitful cooperation. ATOM TECH SOLUTIONS LTD 10170042- Incorporated on 9 May 2016 23 Waterlow Road, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom, ME14 2TR Calculator Now on the Investors page, a calculator is available to calculate your profit, which you can get after investing in Trust-In.Trade. Select the plan you want to deposit, specify the amount that you want to invest, click the "Calculate" button and the calculator will show how much you can get after completing the deposit. Dear Investors! Today is May 9, 2018, which is the day, when Hourly Plan becomes available on once again. We promised to reveal the info about this unique offer the exact same day it will become open to the public, and there’s no more time to temporize. You can find VIP plan in the dashboard - Minimum $25 - $1500 and you can calculate your profit trough dashboard. Do not forget to post payment proofs on public forums and our Telegram channel. Impressio’s Hourly Plan will be available only for the first 100 lucky Impressio investors. It will pay 4.28% hourly for the whole 24 hours of its duration and will be open only for 1 day. You can already find Hourly Plan on our site. There is also one more addition: a new HELP button that opens a pop-up window with tutorials on how to use the website, whether it’s “how to make a deposit”, or “how to create a coupon”, to make the Impressio instructions clear and the platform as easy to use as possible for all of our users! We hope you found this announcement useful! Contact us if anything seems unclear to you. Yours sincerely, The Impressio team.

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Bit Life Ltd 2018-09-22
Received Payment 10.08 USD from account U18071087. Batch: 229281681. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to sugus from
HugePM 2018-09-22
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EarningHour 2018-09-22
Processor : Perfectmoney Date : 2018-09-22 19:13 From/To Account : U13152118 Amount : 102 Currency : USD Batch : 228713025. Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal to rown425 from
EarningHour 2018-09-22
MY Favorite investment company. I like instant payment and I have earned over $794 here, thanks a lot. EarningHour is my trusted and Very Reliable company.
EarningHour 2018-09-22
Next instant payment! The amount of 385 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U13152118>Uxx76012. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to from - eposit with us and make high profit back from today! Date: 13:41 22.09.18 at Batch: 228750931. Thanks admin!s
EarningHour 2018-09-22
Very good website. Receive always instant payment. The amount of 127 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13152118->Uxxx2174. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from Date: 01:34 22.09.18. Batch: 228791456.
EarningHour 2018-09-22
The amount of 218 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13152118->Uxxx4793. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to from Date: 08:28 22:09.18. Batch: 228748169.
Extraction.Online 2018-09-22
The amount of 23.42 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16966170->U16. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 5677, doeblon.. Date: 13:56 22.09.18. Batch: 229268725.
Bit Life Ltd 2018-09-22
Trade Haven Ltd 2018-09-22
All payments are processed as usual.This is a very good online investment project.
OmniProfitableFund 2018-09-22
The amount of 10.15 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U18824987->U297. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to meadowy from Omni Profitable Fund.. Date: 18:04 21.09.18. Batch: 229188302. Made a payment of 0.0044 BTC confirmation in the blockchain has everything on the Deposit is not credited support silent 3 day.
Satoshi Treasure 2018-09-22
I was paid again from this beautiful program guys It is going great indeed here I will soon add another investment :) Payment batch - The amount of 3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17068133->U5677***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to heatstreak from Date: 07:30 22.09.18. Batch: 229233207
Pro Mine Limited 2018-09-22
Program is really amazing guys Good stable returns and involving only bitcoin for deposits as well as withdrawals :) The payouts are instantly paid as well Payment batch - dca3510d5500fefc73efe07d2bff97ce0038f3b3a36ca3d2da38fdfe376c528e 2018-09-22
What an absolutely amazing program guys I was paid instantly a huge withdrawal from the project and added another investment in here :) Payment batch - The amount of 515 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17727991->U5677***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to heatstreak from Date: 18:39 21.09.18. Batch: 229191845 Deposit batch - The amount of 501 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U5677***->U17727991. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to BTCenter