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Our Investment: $500
Minimal Spend: $10 or $100 P
Referral: 5 Levels: 5%-3%-2%-1%-1%
Payout Statics
Online: 2017-09-22 (176 D)
Monitored: 136 Days
Last Paid: 33 days ago
267%Payout: 267%
Our Rating:
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RCB Details
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Investment Plans: 2% / 2.5% / 3% / 3.5% daily Forever

CURRENCY GLOBAL Program Description

CURRENCY GLOBAL Currency Global is an online platform of the international investment company CG-Invest LTD, registered in the United Kingdom. The company's income is formed by investing in exchange-foreign operations through points and express-exchange terminals located in more than 20 countries around the world. The company has been developing rapidly since 2006 and expanding the investment network every day in different parts of the world. The Currency Global platform provides an opportunity for individuals to directly participate in the investment activities of CG-Invest LTD. The profit of investors can reach 3.5% per day. The official website presents 4 tariff plans with a yield of 2% to 3.5% per day. Each investor can choose a tariff plan that is suitable for him!

Monitor Button Code

HYIP Monitor-Invest-Tracing.com
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<a href="http://invest-tracing.com/detail-CURRENCYGLOBAL.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://invest-tracing.com/button-9444.png" border="0" alt="Monitored by Invest-Tracing.com"></a>

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Japan [email protected] Feb 14, 2018 10:59

Site shut down. Currency global now has this message: "Access to the requested resource has been blocked by the decision of public authorities".

Kazakhstan [email protected] Feb 14, 2018 10:38


Mongolia [email protected] Feb 14, 2018 02:56

currency global- shut down by Government, shit

Australia [email protected] Feb 08, 2018 14:29

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Japan [email protected] Jan 24, 2018 11:53

I have been paid without any problem.

USA [email protected] Jan 06, 2018 07:58

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USA [email protected] Jan 02, 2018 04:51

The amount of 0.8 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U11386146->U1889593. Memo: API Payment. chen123.. Date: 04:49 02.01.18. Batch: 200607130.

Vietnam [email protected] Jan 01, 2018 10:33

good program

Australia [email protected] Dec 29, 2017 23:29

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China [email protected] Dec 29, 2017 08:51

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Japan [email protected] Dec 27, 2017 11:57

The amount of 0.4 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U11386146->U1******. Memo: API Payment. Lucker168.. Date: 11:58 27.12.17. Batch: 199875569.

Gibraltar [email protected] Dec 26, 2017 14:29

The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U11386146->U365. Memo: API Payment. mustee.. Date: 14:29 26.12.17. Batch: 199775640.

Japan [email protected] Dec 26, 2017 11:41

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China [email protected] Dec 26, 2017 08:34

Always got paid from [b]U1138614[/b] by schedule : Date:2017/12/22 04:19 Batch:199264825 From Account:U11386146 Amount:1.40 Memo:API Payment. design. Thanks admin!

Taiwan, Republic of China [email protected] Dec 24, 2017 08:33

paid me,very nice

Switzerland [email protected] Dec 24, 2017 07:47

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China [email protected] Dec 24, 2017 05:26

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Malaysia [email protected] Dec 17, 2017 04:13

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France [email protected] Dec 05, 2017 12:52

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Russian Federation [email protected] Dec 05, 2017 09:55


France [email protected] Nov 28, 2017 21:22

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Kazakhstan [email protected] Nov 24, 2017 08:47

Проект очень хороший, делает выплаты без проблем и без задержек

Russian Federation [email protected] Nov 24, 2017 08:39

Excellent program,paid to me as always today! i like this program more and more.

Ukraine [email protected] Nov 24, 2017 08:21

Get constantly fast payment after request.

Ukraine [email protected] Nov 24, 2017 08:09

I got paid again just! this site still paid to me no problem.

Russian Federation [email protected] Nov 23, 2017 08:53

упер работа, если бы все проекты так работали им бы не было цены!

Ukraine [email protected] Nov 23, 2017 08:36

Проект платит!

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ETH, ZEC, BCH, BTG, DASH have been added We have connected even more cryptocurrencies to our platform, and the created deposits can be paid via Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and DASH! Invest your ETH, ZEC, BCH, BTH, or DASH, and make money with us without exchange restrictions!
Octoin Latest News !!! 2018-01-29 17:07:54
Dear Octoin users! So, the last stage of preparing our cryptocurrency is finished ! We are pleased to finally announce its final launch. We, the team of top managers and leaders of Octoin together with you, meet a new era in the development of the blockchain: today is an absolutely exceptional and historic day for all of us; today we meet a new cryptocurrency, a tool with a powerful growth potential - OctoinCoin (OCC)! For such a short period of time, just over 5 months, our narrow circle of crypto experts has grown into a huge world community of more than 800,000 users. All of this has been done thanks to you, your trust in the general idea of ​​the Octoin project on delivering accessible crypto technologies to the broad masses. It would have been much harder to get to high performance without Octoin project programs. Our participants have actually became mega successful traders along with our experts. Also, they became the temporary owners of colossal capacities for mining alternative in cryptocurrencies. The realities of today in the mining sector of the cryptocurrency, as well as the legal framework of most of the states (whose residents are our users) are forcing us to change the terms of these programs. Welcome updated Accumulation and earnings programs with OctoinCoin: OCC STORAGE PROGRAM and OCC HASHED MINING During the updates in the personal cabinets there are several changes that have been done: 1. All submitted applications for withdrawal were cancelled; 2. All orders on the p2p exchange were cancelled; 3. All balances are now only in OCC currency in a united OCC wallet 4. New program - OCC accumulation program 5. Mining is reconsidered as Mining in OCC - according to the formula: "Paid mining" + 20% and minus "the received profit on mining". Read the detailed Terms of the relevant sections of the site. The main features of both programs are the receiving of profit in the new cryptocurrency of our OctoinCoin community. Our specialists have created updated programs whose terms are not only provide legal purity to the supervisory authorities, but also keep the level of profitability of new programs at the same level. This will allow the entire Octoin community to concentrate on maximizing the popularization and increasing the cost of the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. Wise people say: “Life is generous to those who can dream and believe in their strength”. For such people, life sometimes opens a window of unthinkable possibilities. The main thing is that at the right time you hear the voice of your heart and not the chatter of lazy people, skeptics and envious persons. Today every member of our community is already the owner of OCC tokens, which tomorrow can turn into gold and oil of the new digital economy. You and your Octoin friends can make new Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The premine of OctoinCoin is only 700 000 coins. However, a huge demand and an incredibly small volume of coins can provoke an explosion of value already in the first days of entering the market. To save your gold reserves is a paramount task for us! And second, we know that the Top Leaders have set themselves an ambitious goal to grow up to 100 million users and this is the next level, the next step that we must do together with you and the updated tools of OctoinCoin. Go and act! All Octoin Team is with you! FROM: [email protected] hello , please update banner , and thread in forum , Now we accept bitcoin , payeer , advcash and pm Mini deposit 16 dollars or 0.001 bitcoin mini witdraw 0.50 dollars or 0.001 btc . Thank you ! Hello members of Amazing-Mining Ltd, Amazing-Mining Ltd has been online successfully for 9 days. We paid all our investors their hourly profits without any problem! We want to reward investors who trust us and encourage users who have not started working with us yet. That's why we offer 2 consecutive days of deposit bonus for all our users! +15% bonus for deposits from $ 10 to $ 249 +25% bonus for deposits from $ 250 to $ 499 +35% bonus for deposits from $ 500 to $ 999 +50% bonus for deposits from $ 1,000 to $ 2999 +60% bonus for deposits from $ 3,000 to $ 4999 +70% bonus for deposits from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 Each bonus will be sent between 1 - 12 hours after the deposit. Feel free to contact our support at any time. We are always happy to help! Best Regards, Amazing-Mining Ltd. Great news, instant payments work again! BUT. Recall that everything depends on the Bitcoin network, if you do not receive an instant payment, you can cancel and repeat a little later, or wait until we manually make a payment from another wallet. We want to show you that we are seriously set to work ... but now we will not open all the trumps. In the coming days, expect VERY GOOD NEWS for investors! Best regards from the whole team Colobit!

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EarningHour 2018-03-17
$520.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account U14530152. Transaction batch is 208698699.
EarningHour 2018-03-17
payout received TODAY as usual, I am happy to joined this site.
EarningHour 2018-03-17
received the payment instantly as usual...
Hour Trust Ltd 2018-03-17
Just get another payment. and I have reinvested it again. Date: 17.03.18 07:20 From/To Account: U14246907 Amount: 40.80 Currency: USD Batch :208645787 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Hasexce from Hourtrust.com
Hour Trust Ltd 2018-03-17
Got Fast Payment. Excellent project. Thanks admin! The amount of 100.00 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U14246907->U77***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Stiverrom from Hourtrust.com Date: 04:39 17.03.18 Batch:208665749. It is great website Paying me Always INSTANT. ! The amount of 62 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15282227->Uxxx4971 Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited.. Date: 08:59 17.03.18. Batch: 208615473. It is really a great website. The amount of 154 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15282227->Uxxx7268. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to from Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited.. Date: 04:45 17.03.18. Batch: 208635749. The amount of 45 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15282227->Uxxxxxxx. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited.. Date: 09:38 17.03.18. Batch: 208643917.
EarningHour 2018-03-17
The amount of 258 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13152118->UXXX9524. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to lovaz from earninghour.com.. Date: 05:47 17:03.18. Batch: 208654971.
EthersMine 2018-03-17
received the payment instantly as usual...
EarningHour 2018-03-17
Hello smith Amount 347 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account. Batch: 208679135 . Earning Hour is really a great site. This is a long run program and pays everyday guys Check out my big payment proof you will understand the profits. I make daily reinvestments here.
WOLF INVEST 2018-03-17
Really fast and fantastic. Date: 2018-03-17 04:43 Batch: 208603634 From Account: U15013271 Amount: $5286.00 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from WOLF INVEST.
EarningHour 2018-03-17
Processor : Perfectmoney Date : 2018-03-17 14:50 From/To Account : U13152118 Amount : 192 Currency : USD Batch : 208641073 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal to rown425 from earninghour.com.
Biteconomy Finance 2018-03-17
Payment [email protected] vote here
Invexic Limited 2018-03-17
$255.45 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U16330273. Transaction batch is 208581022.